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How to clean the lens of handheld laser welding machine?

August 25, 2023

Latest company news about How to clean the lens of handheld laser welding machine?

In the process of cleaning the lens, the method with relatively low risk should be adopted. The following operation steps are set up for this purpose and should be adopted by users. First, use a blower to blow off the floating objects on the surface of the original, especially the lenses with tiny particles and flocs on the surface. This step is necessary. But do not use the compressed air on the production line, because the air will contain oil mist and water droplets, which will further pollute the lens.


The second step is to use analytical grade acetone to lightly clean the lens. This grade of acetone is virtually anhydrous, which reduces the potential for lens contamination.


Cotton balls dipped in acetone must be cleaned under light and move in a circular motion. Cotton swabs must be replaced once they become dirty. Cleaning should be done at one time to avoid corrugation. If the lens has two coated surfaces, such as a lens, each surface needs to be cleaned in this way. The first side needs to be placed on a clean sheet of lens paper for protection.

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